Service Your Clients Using
Cloud Based platform
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Service Your Client Using Cloud Based platform for Tax Professionals

Protact provides an easy-to-use, online solution for tax professionals to service their clients and stay on top of their compliance activities. The solution enables tax professionals to service their clients and stay connected with their office from anywhere, anytime and through any device. The solution enables you to build service excellence in what you deliver & how you deliver.

Access all you need for client e-servicing & improve service experience

Tax Compliance

Provide workflow based tax compliance services to your clients. From tracking due dates, to estimating tax, to filing of tax returns and audit reports, fulfil all tax compliance requirements of your clients. Protact's Tax Compliance solution enables you to prepare and file

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Tax Controversy

Track and manage all Income Tax assessments and appeals of your clients on the cloud. Protact's Tax Controversy solution enables you to control and automate entire gamut of tax litigation processes. You can even maintain historical tax events, documents and data to mitigate tax risks. Out Tax Controversy solution includes

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GST Compliance

A one-stop platform that helps Tax Professionals to file their client's returns and process other electronic exchange transfers without any hassles which might otherwise become cumbersome and tedious. Packed with host of features, filing of GST Returns is just a click away - from the comfort of your home or office

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