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Income Tax Return preparation and filing was never so easy.

Experience the change of preparing a Tax Return with this online tax return software for tax professionals. With no restriction on the number of clients, a Tax Professional can prepare and file income tax return online for Individuals, Firms, Companies, etc.

  • In this solution, Chartered Accountants and Tax Professionals can
  •    Estimate tax liability of its clients for various instalments
  •    Prepare income tax return for various years
  •    Make online tax payment
  •    Digitally sign Income tax Return
  •    File income tax return online
  •    Download ITR-V / Acknowledgement

Why you should use Cloud-based Income Tax Return Solution

Access anywhere anytime, on any device. No need for installation, tracking regular updates or maintaining backups.

Comprehensive supports all types of tax-payers and Income tax Return forms (ITR-1 to ITR-6). The type of return form is auto determined and covers Original and Revised Return

Maker-Checker ensures that all the tax returns prepared are cross-checked by a senior member and reduce the risk of incorrect filing of income tax return with Income tax Department

Task Division divides an assignment into multiple tasks, assigns to different members for execution and reduce the overall time for preparing a lengthy return

Fully integrated with Income tax Department’s website, allowing you to do e-filing of income tax return, track status, downloads, etc. from the application itself

Import facility is available either from an Excel, XML or Form No. 26AS. You can even import data from preceding years in selective cases

Scan & upload all the return related documents, enabling users to refer to the documents while the income tax return preparation is going on, for future reference

Calculates Income, tax, interest, adjustment of losses, etc. and provides detailed calculation in the form of Reports & Annexures for verification and documentation

Functionalities of Income Tax Return Software

  • Auto Generation of Income Tax Return Forms ITR-1 to ITR-6.
  • Computation of Income & Tax, thereby taking care of all adjustments.
  • Generate detailed Tax Computation Report with necessary workings.
  • Compute Taxable Income for all types of assesses.
  • Auto Calculation of MAT & AMT.
  • Auto adjustment of current year losses & Unabsorbed Depreciation.
  • Facility to decide the order of set-off for Current year Losses.
  • Automatic Calculation of Interest U/s 234A, 234B & 234C
  • Option to manually calculate interest amount.
  • Add notes to Computation.
  • E-filing of Income Tax Returns included in our income tax services.
  • Facility to make online tax payment.
  • Generate various MIS reports.
  • Instant Calculation & Display of Tax.
  • Import of Data from Excel & XML File.
  • Import of Data from Form-26AS.
  • Facility to scan, upload and view all related documents.
  • Auto download of ITR-V and its receipt status.

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