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Effortless time keeping for accurate billing

Protact's Time-sheet Management solution is a great tool to help your team stay on track. Assign a certain amount of hours to each job, and receive notifications when that time is nearly used up. If you generate invoice based on time, you can use the time sheet management software for billing, project costing, estimation, etc. This would improve project visibility, help understand employee utilisation and allow management to take smarter decision.

  •    Super-fast job allocation and intelligent reporting
  •    Receive updates on tasks, be notified when assigned with a new task
  •    Convenient and intuitive interface providing a superior user experience.
  •    Highlights overdue jobs so they can be dealt with immediately.
  •    Provides a visual indicator of job status.
  •    Tracks all costs against a project or task

Why should you use Time Management Software

Use the data gathered from the time sheet management solution to provide accurate quotes for tasks

Provides comparative analysis of time spent by each member for completion of tasks as against budgeted time

Team Members can complete their own timesheets online, leaving you free complete your own tasks

Restriction of editing the Timesheet after submission reduces the chances of manipulation or malpractices

Auto generated alerts on nearing budgeted time, keeps the member updated and on the toes


  • Drag & drop facility for time entry or editing time-sheet
  • Direct Entry for bulk time sheet entry
  • Approval mechanism for time-sheet and locking after approval
  • Comparative analysis of budgeted time vs actual time spent
  • Task-wise, member-wise details of time spent
  • Daily, weekly, monthly view of time-sheet, based on preference
  • Timely alerts and notification

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