Security Information

Your Information is Secure with KDRPL

How can I be sure that doing my tax return over the Internet is secure?

KDRPL follows industry standard best practices to safeguard your personal information. All personal information sent over the Internet is in an encrypted format using Secure Socket Layers (SSL), which means that a computer hacker cannot view or alter the information while it's in transit. When you see a small lock in the bottom right or left corner of your browser window, you know your data is being encrypted for transmission. Your information is safely stored in our secure servers in an encrypted format, behind a corporate firewall.

How can I be sure that this web site is KDRPL's authentic web site?

As an Internet user, you want to ensure that the company web sites you visit on a regular basis are indeed authentic, and not the work of some impostor trying to deceive you into divulging your confidential passwords or other information. By clicking on the Security Seal on the right, you can be confident that this is indeed the authentic site for KDRPL, and that any information exchanged while working on your online tax return is protected against interception and tampering by state-of-the-art encryption technology.

What does encryption mean?

Encryption is the process that ensures your personal information cannot be read or manipulated by an unauthorized party during transit. Data you send from your PC is encrypted (scrambled) before leaving your computer and is not decrypted (unscrambled) until it reaches our computers. The same goes for information travelling in the other direction, i.e., from us to you.

What's a firewall?

A firewall manages communications between a computer located within a private network and a computer located outside of it. The firewall acts as a gatekeeper to protect KDRPL’s internal network from unauthorized access.