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Enable Remote Access to Your Clients

Protact's Client Intranet is a secured repository for all information exchanged relating to professional engagements, giving clients a simple, secure and organized access to key information. In this solution, Protact enables a dedicated login for the customers of a Tax Professional, where the customer can view task status and its progress, access important documents & even carry out certain tasks assigned by the Tax Professional.

  •    Give clients simple, secure & organized access to key information.
  •    24/7 access to information & documents with no dependence on the Tax Professional.
  •    All communications & updates available on a single dashboard.
  •    No need to forward multiple emails.
  •    Saves a lot of time for you & your clients while maintaining transparency.

Why should you use?

Integrated Communication

Single platform containing complete information on all updates, statuses and pending work related to the client

Share Information Faster

Share information instantly, upload documents online and work collaboratively with clients. No multiple mails or mediums required.

Secured Information Exchange

Provides secured platform to work with your clients online at various levels, securely sharing documents, compiling data and generating reports.

Enhanced Professionalism

Individual client login for information exchange, reflects transparency in services, which further builds professionalism

Centralized View

Clients get a centralized view of all engagements of its group as a whole in a Dashboard on project status, task lists, comments & files

Easy to Use

User-friendly client portal increases encouragement, improves co-ordination with clients, work efficiency & client satisfaction


  • Dedicated login credentials for each client group
  • Create multiple users within the group with different set of entities
  • Displays data & documents related to entities belonging to the group
  • Restricted & controlled access to various functionalities
  • Stores all information in an organized manner on a single portal
  • Enables client to execute tasks assigned by the Professional
  • Give Customized look for each client group
  • Drill-down reports for various snapshot views provided

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