Track and Monitor Cloud
Based Client Tax Disputes
Assessments & Appeals + Tax Data Repository

Manage your Client's Tax Assessment Proceedings Efficiently

When it comes to tax assessments of your clients, you very often struggle with your office to extract essential information. Pendency of tax litigation matters for long years, voluminous data and improper record management practically makes it impossible for any Tax Professional to get instant information on any matter.

  • With Protact's Tax Controversy solution
  •    Keep track of your client's tax assessment proceedings
  •    Maintain record of historical tax events
  •    Get instant information on matters pending with Tax Department
  •    Perform better analysis through multi-dimensional Reports

Benefit of our Tax Controversy Solution

Tracking of all events from Intimation till Appeal

Timely notification of hearing dates & due dates

24*7 availability of chain of events

Real-time report with detailed analysis

Up-to-date details of Expenses incurred for proper billing

Quick Identification of Responsible person for past event


Assessments & Appeals

This is an excellent tool for a Tax Professional to manage and track tax litigations of their clients for various years. You can handle your client's assessment and appellate proceedings with much ease and full control.

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Tax Data Repository

An online data repository of your client's tax matters, you can access their crucial information 24*7 from anywhere in the world. Accumulate all tax related past events and data of your clients to analyse or have a bird’s eye-view of their tax performance over the years.

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