Preparation and eFiling of
TDS Return
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Complete your TDS Return filing in 4 simple steps

And that is why we say that TDS return filing is no more a tedious task. Upload your client's data, map the transactions, review the data and you are ready for online filing of TDS Return. This is what our solution for professionals consists of

  •    TDS Return for payment of Salaries
  •    TDS Return for payments other than Salaries
  •    TDS Return for Payments to Non-Residents
  •    TCS Return for Tax Collected at Source
  •    Merging of Part-A & Part-B of Form-16

Why you should use?

Import data from FVU file / pre-defined Excel file for quick access to your Deductee/Collectee master as well as deduction/collection data

In-built feature of auto-mapping challans with tax deduction, saving you from tedious task of mapping each deduction with respective Challan payment

Validates tax payment entries with Tax Departments data, ensuring minimal data entry errors

Automatic and accurate calculation of interest on various instances, like short payment, short deduction, late payment along with late filing fees

Has regularly updated in-built file validation utility, ensuring the validation of TDS Return with latest utility

Being cloud-based, you can invite your client to upload data of tax deduction at source and tax payment, leaving you to just review and file.

Functionalities of TDS software for Tax Professionals

  • Prepare & File Form No. 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ
  • Prepare & File Correction Return
  • Import of Deductee Entry and Challan Entry from Excel
  • Import of Deductee master and Employee master from Excel
  • Auto-picking of TDS Rate based on payment date, Status, Nature of Payment, etc.
  • Auto Mapping of Tax Deduction & Payments
  • Auto calculation of Late Fee & Interest for various defaults
  • Facility to make online tax payment
  • Calculation of Annual Taxable Salary, net of eligible Deductions
  • Calculation of month-wise Salary and tax deducted at source thereon
  • In-built File Validation Utility to generate FVU files
  • Generate Form 27A & 27B
  • Merging of Part-A & Part-B of Form-16 and issuance to employees
  • Direct upload of TDS Returns to Tax Department website
  • Facility to scan, upload and view all related documents

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