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About Protact’s Tax Audit Report

Why only Returns? Prepare your Tax Audit Reports on the cloud as well Empower & make your team more productive.

Meant just for Tax Professionals, this cloud based solution for preparation and filing of Tax Audit Reports enables audit team to fill up necessary reporting data at the time of audit, saving time and effort at large. Maker checker facility ensure that the Audit manager reviews the Tax Audit Report before filing, providing required security. This solution covers

  •    Preparation of Tax Audit Report u/s 44AB of the Income Tax Act
  •    Preparation of Tax Audit Report u/s 92E of the Income Tax Act
  •    Preparation of Tax Audit Report u/s 115JB of the Income Tax Act
  •    e-Filing of Tax Audit Report

Why you should use?

Simple interface

Multiple screens with minimum information makes the screen look lighter and comfortable working, as against a single screen with lots of information

Multiple Assignments

Long Tax Audit report format can be divided into smaller tasks and assigned to multiple users, speeding up the work at the twelfth hour

Import Facility

Facility to import the data from excel file, reduces your time and effort to key in entire data just for the purpose of reporting


All the audit reports are integrated with Income Tax & TDS/TCS module, to fetch relevant data for the purpose of reporting in the report

Workflow Enabled

Maker-checker facility ensures that there are no anomalies in the report, before it is signed or filed to department.


Store all audit programmes, working papers, management representation at central location, quickly accessible anytime, anywhere.


  • Prepare Tax Audit Report in Form No. 3CA-3CD, 3CB-3CD, 3CEB & 29B
  • Option to print data in either Main Report or as an Annexure
  • Facility to add Remarks for each clause of Form 3CD & 3CEB
  • Import of Client Data from Excel & XML File
  • Import of Data from Income Tax Return
  • Maintenance of Auditor Master
  • Facility to scan, upload and view all related documents
  • Facility to divide an assignment into different task and delegate to multiple users
  • Direct link to Income Tax Department website for e-filing of Tax Audit Report

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